Pet Me Pick Me


Pet Me Pick Me
If you want to win her heart, be friend with her pet!

A random dating and matching reality show where you date a partner chosen by your pet. The show begins as 4 male singletons arrive at house and meet 4 dogs. Each of the 4 dogs has a mini-cam attached on their neck, capturing the time they spend with male singletons. All of the singletons then gather for introduction and the owner of each dog is also revealed.

From watching the clip of the mini-cam and going out for the first date with a person their pet has spent the most time with to walking their pets, sending secret love letters, completing team missions with their pets and male singletons, 4 female singletons go on a journey to find their true love with their pets!

Will the love choice of the female singletons match the choice of their pets?

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