Company Introduction
FormatEast, a 100% subsidiary company of SBS, was founded in December 2018 to create more business opportunities, to expand the market for Korean creators, and to become a Hub of Format IP Development and Distribution. FormatEast is one of the official operating companies of the “KOCCA Format Lab Project”, which is a government-funded project with the objective of creating new Korean original entertainment show formats.

Meaning of FORMATEAST: Format + East
: West is the birthplace of format industry, yet currently West is paying significant attention to the format industry in the East which includes Korea, Japan, China, Turkey, etc. FormatEast combined the word “Format” and East”, in an effort to become a representative Hub of Asian Format that will seize the initiatives in Global Format Industry.

Our Team

YongJae Kim



HwanJin Lee

CCO (Chief Content Officer)


Fay Zhang

Senior Manager/Producer


SooYoung Kwon


Business Projects
Format Development
  • Utilization of SBS’ format idea
  • Format development with creators and external production companies
  • Co-development and co-production with SBS and external companies
  • Distribution business by utilizing intellectual property of co-produced formats and paper formats
  • Consulting business for productions and broadcasters in China, Japan, South East Asian nations and MENA
Format Conference and
Presentation Events
  • Host media industry conference to propose the most recent format trend and ideas
Networking and Management
of Production
  • Management of high quality production crews, art directors, and celebrity artists
  • Mediaconsultancy business via "SPARK", SBS’ periodic publication.