Top 10 한국인 크리에이터.
Chaeyoon LIM
“Healing Camp” (SBS)
“You’re the X-man” (SBS)
“Ask the Zillion” (SBS) and etc.
Haeseon PARK
“Ready Cook!” (Channel 4)
“Donal’s Asian Baking Adventure” (Dong-a TV, UKTV) and etc.
Hyunhee LEE
“Hidden Singer” (JTBC)
“1 vs 100” (licensed, KBS)
“Hello” (KBS) etc.
Jieun PARK
“How About Here? – lodging live”
“Lululala”(JTBC) etc.
Jiyoon KIM
“Dunia; Into a New World” (MBC)
“My Little Television” (MBC)
“The Ultimate Voice” (SBS) and etc.
Mikyung KIM
“You’re My Destiny” (SBS)
“The Nation’s Big 3” (SBS)
“Healing Camp”(SBS) and etc.
Miyeon KIM
“Running Man” (SBS, Zhejiang TV-China, HT7-Vietnam)
“Crime Scene” (JTBC) and etc.
Sangwon KWAK
“Society Game” (co-developed by CJ ENM & ESG)
“Star Junior Show” (SBS) and etc.
Sehwa KIM
“1 vs 100” (licensed, KBS)
“Some Guys and Some Dolls” (SBS) and etc.
Wonwoo PARK
“The King of Mask Singer” (MBC)
“300” (CJ ENM)
“Battle Trip” (KBS) and etc.