Fantastic Family – DNA Singer

#판타스틱 패밀리 – DNA싱어

Fantastic Family – DNA Singer
One’s voice is an important genetic information! A new conceptual music show based on the family’s singing ability delivered through DNA!

Participants with somewhat familiar appearance and familiar voice appear on the stage. They are called, DNA Singer - a family member of the “Star”. Participants perform a stage in front of the judges, while the “Star” genetically related to the DNA Singer stands on the second floor above the judges. No one - even the judges and the viewers - can see the “Star”. Hints related to DNA Singer and the “Star” will be revealed in each stage, and the judges have to catch the only definite hint, ‘DNA’ in the voice of DNA Singer. The winner will be decided through the fantastic duet stage between DNA Singer and the “Star" after passing the rounds.

A passionate competition performance stage by fantastic families who share the “Star” DNA.

Discover your star as a member of the family,

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