FormatEast Creative Lab (FC Lab)

Our Project

Korea Content Creative Agency (KOCCA) is a South Korean government agency affiliated with Ministry of Culture, charged with governing and providing supports for various cultural industries such as television, film, game, animations and etc.

At the end of 2018, KOCCA has announced that there will be a new government-funded project for the purpose of supporting creating new Korean original entertainment show formats, which has long been in discussion within KFA, Korea Format Alliance. From 2019, KOCCA annually selects official companies to operate “KOCCA Format Lab Project”

For 2 years in a row, FormatEast has been officially selected as one of the operating companies for “KOCCA Format Lab Project”, and has been running “FormatEast Creative Lab (FC Lab)”.

Through FC Lab Project, under the umbrella of KOCCA, we
- gather top 10 Korean creators to join the FC Lab project
- organize 5 times of “Global Development Seminar”
- co-create/develop 10 new format IPs each month (50 formats in total)
- select 3~5 formats with the most potential in the international market
- package new format IPs (produce international marketing materials including pitch-decks and sizzle reels)
- pitch the shows to TV & OTT platforms (including Korean networks)
We have created, developed, and secured 50 new format IPs in 2019, and share the rights each with the co-creators under the support of KOCCA project. And trying our best to maximize business opportunities by seeking the right international players to be partnered-up either with the IPs or FC Lab project.
FormatEast and FC Lab Project is open to various business opportunities such as
- Paper Format Licensing
- International Distribution
- Co-development (exclusive/non-exclusive)
- Co-production (ex : in China)
- Co-finance
…and many more
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