Blue Chip Stars


Blue Chip Stars
List yourself on the human stock market and raise your stock prise!

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‘Blue Chip Stars’ is a new concept blue chip investment variety show in which "blue chip stars" with various charms are listed on the so-called ‘human stock market’ to examine the fluctuations in value caused by viewers' votes.

‘Blue Chip Stars’ draws attention with its unique format that reflects the recent MZ Generation’s stock investment craze and high interest in celebrities through mock investment content. The show will be hosted by Seong-Joo Kim, a bona fide star host in Korea who’s been showing his exceptional ability as a TV presenter in various entertainment shows, as he leads the thrilling commentary on fluctuations of entertainment blue chips’ stock prices just like any other sports games. Viewers’ expectations are rising even more as this is the first digital entertainment show hosted by Kim, who lives up to his reputation as one of the best TV show hosts in Korea. Moreover, ChoA, the entertainment industry’s representative

‘stock beginner’, and Sinsaimdang, an economic YouTuber with 1.6 million subscribers, will be joining the show as the celebrity investors. They will not only accurately predict the prospects of the blue chips as stock experts in the entertainment industry, but also compete against each other for better investment performances.

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